Mrs. White’s Kindergarten News 11/10/11

Mrs. White’s Kindergarten News – November 10, 2011


Wow! I can tell when it’s a full moon in kindergarten . . . students begin to act out of character. Hopefully after a 3 day weekend they will return as I know them – sweet little angels!

Report Cards will be coming home on Monday. As you look it over please remember, the literacy skills listed are for the entire year. Your child has a year to develop in these areas. Most skills we are working on, however, an NA means we haven’t covered the skill in depth. As we move throughout the quarters you should see improvement in most areas.

We have had a few discussions about Veteran’s Day. For a kindergarten definition – Veterans are people who have served in the military – Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. I read The Wall by Eve Bunting which is a story about the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C. where 58,000 names are posted in honor of those who lost their lives. In the book there is a picture of a veteran in a wheel chair who has no legs. We talked about land mines/bombs and how this soldier lost his legs in war. You can imagine how off target this conversation got . . . starwars fighting, my grandmother died, my dog died . . . possibly you could assist in explaining who a veteran is and why we should honor them.

Penmanship – We have completed all capitals in the Handwriting Without Tears program. Next step the lower case letters which we will be using lined white boards instead of messy chalkboards – yeah!

We have begun estimating small items in a small jar. Once a week we will practice this skill which helps students to make an educated guess. We record the number of each item in the jar from week to week so it helps us to rationalize the size of the items and what a good guess might be.

Math Centers/Fine Motor Centers

*teacher led lessons on addition sums 3 – 10 depending on their NWEA RIT group

*lacing alphabet cards

*tracing pattern block templates to make creatures/robots

*domino concentration

*Roll & Record

*board games counting numbers 1 – 10

*pattern block shapes – hexagon, rhombus, trapezoid

Movement of the Week – Marching Around the Alphabet

Native American shelters introduced: hogan, earth lodge, cliff dwelling, tepees

Began an ABC book about things from long ago (pilgrim and indian times)

Optional Homework – see the sheet of directions attached to the envelope in the folder - practicing first and last names, for extra work make any two or three letter words with the letters in their name

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